Would you like a plastic free aisle in supermarkets? Here’s how to get one in just seven seconds!

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plastic free aisle campaign with a plastic planetMost supermarkets have a ‘free from’ aisle. You’ll find gluten free, lactose free and dairy free goods to suit every diet.

But what about people who are trying to put their bin on a diet; wouldn’t it be great to see a Plastic Free Aisle!

Sound too far-fetched? Well, a group of passionate individuals are on a mission to see a plastic free aisle in every supermarket and you’re invited to help.

Founders Sian and Frederikke created ‘A Plastic Planet’ because they believe enough of us want to shop without once-use plastic packaging. And they’re aware that supermarkets and brands respond to consumer choice.

According to scientists, it requires only 10% of a population to be consistent and committed to an idea, before it becomes inevitable that it will eventually become the prevailing opinion of the entire group.

And I know you’re already committed to the idea of a world where we value our resources, think before we throw something away and try and shop with a more conscious attitude about the packaging and end-of-life disposal.

How to get a plastic free aisle in your supermarket

A Plastic Planet are collecting 2050 films of people like you which they intend to present to the CEOs of the biggest supermarkets. This will be used as ‘proof’ that consumers are demanding change. The number 2050 is significant because, according to the Ellen McArthur Foundation, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by weight by the year 2050.

A plastic free aisle? How you can help

Film yourself on your phone saying: “My name is [First Name]. I am a Plastic Addict but I am ready for change. I want a Plastic Free Aisle.”

Once you’ve done that copy and paste the following message onto your Facebook timeline along with your video. To help it go viral nominate three friends to do the same.

“I’m backing A Plastic Planet’s campaign to get a #PlasticFreeAisle in supermarkets. Plastic is killing our planet and will affect our health. There’s little we can do on our own but supermarkets respond to consumer demand. As a consumer I am asking for a plastic free aisle where I can shop guilt and worry-free.

A Plastic Planet are collecting thousands of films of ordinary people demanding change, which they are bringing to the CEOs of the biggest supermarkets to demand a Plastic Free Aisle.

I nominate X, X and X”

After you’ve done that either email your film to [email protected] or tag them on social media with the hashtag #PlasticFreeAisle. You’ll find them on Twitter  Facebook  and Instagram

Who knows, it might take you just seven seconds to change the world – not a bad return on investment 😉

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