Waste Less live More week 2015 #wllm15

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baking together for waste less live more week 2015I’m proud to be a partner of the wonderful ‘Waste Less Live More’ campaign which is run by an off shoot of Keep Britain Tidy.

The campaign reminds us that what’s good for the environment is good for us.

During the week, we’re encouraged to take part in an activity that is good for people AND the environment and this year the emphasis is to do a waste less live more activity with others.

After all; getting together with others helps spread the word, share skills, raises awareness and well, is a lot more FUN!

In today’s society it can feel like we’re becoming more alienated from people.

We live in our virtual worlds, sending ‘likes’ instead of picking up the phone, hitting Retweet rather than writing a letter, and sharing emoticons rather than hugs.

A couple of the suggestions for the week are topics that are close to my heart:

One is to try upcycling, another is to ditch disposables and a third is to commit to making zero waste lunches.

Only last week my daughter said she had been given a cereal bar by a school friend that she loved; and she wanted me to buy them.

Unfortunately it was individually wrapped in packaging we can’t recycle.

So this week, we’ll get in the kitchen together and see if we can make our own zero waste version.

It means we’ll spend quality time together – essential for this busy working Mum and her hormone-filled teen!, she’ll be learning some new life skills and I’ll be able to flex my creative muscles.

Find out more about the campaign on the Waste less live More website, Follow the #wllm15 hashtag and check out their Facebook page.

I’d love to hear what activity you will be doing with others that will help you AND the environment!

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