The most amazing reuse project ever?

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food colouringIt’s been below freezing in several areas across the UK recently.

What better way to wile away the long, cold days than to get stuck into an arts and crafts project?

Better still when you raid the recycling containers because you’re having fun as well as reusing resources…

This recycling project has to be the most intriguing I’ve seen in a long time.

But you’ll need to start drinking some serious amounts of milk, juice and wine first!

That’s because, this particular recycling project is made from these:

tetra pak cartons made into igloo 1

Yep, good old Tetra Pak cartons.

And you’ll need a LOT.

Maybe this many:


Or maybe even more:


And you’ll need some of this too:

food colouring

Then all you have to do is wrap up warm and start your creation.

Add some water and food colouring to your cartons and begin by marking out a circle with your Tetra Pak shaped ice blocks:


Add another layer:


Keep on adding more layers!


I bet you can guess what it is now!


Yes, you’re right – you’re very own igloo!


And from the inside it looks amazing:





Now if all that sounds like too much work you can just recycle your cartons. Give them a rinse, squash them down to save space and click on the image below to find your nearest recycling facility.

With 91% of local authorities collecting cartons from bring banks and 61% with kerbside collections, there’s something nearby for most of us.

And I’d urge you to keep checking if you can’t find anything close to your home or workplace because recycling facilities are changing all the time…


Have you ever done something so detailed as this reuse project? And can you recycle Tetra Pak cartons locally?

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  1. jadwriter says:

    This looks v good. I’ve actually seen a small house made of recycled bottles. This was on Amazing Spaces TV programme. It looked v pretty with all the coloured bottles.

    • Mrs Green says:

      The small house sounds incredible! I’ll see if I can find something about it on the internet – thanks jadwriter!

  2. Euro Municipal says:

    Wow what an ingenious way of encouraging people to recycle! This will definitely keep families busy over winter.

  3. Arcdale says:

    Interesting article in the Guardian, reminded me of your igloo, but for much warmer climates…

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