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Join Plastic Free JulyI swear the Universe is beaming down on my with the winds of good fortune.

If you remember last week, I was feeling a bit of a newbie about taking up my mini Plastic Free July challenge.

I pledged to reduce the amount of plastic packaging I end up with from buying fruits and vegetables.

Well, you’ll never guess what!

My neighbour has gone away and practically BEGGED me to help myself to food from his garden so nothing runs to seed…

How cool is that?

Last week I was feeling pleased with my purchases but knew that foods I already had in store, such as broad beans and beetroot would soon be running out.

I was concerned about where I would be able to buy them sans plastic.

And now I know!

All I have to do is hop over the fence where I’ve found broad beans, dwarf beans, carrots, peas, beetroot, cabbages and onions.


So here’s my plastic free food for the week:

fresh vegetables in allotment

I’d love to hear how you are getting on with plastic free July in the comments below!

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