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announcing the winners of zero waste week

announcing the winners of zero waste week

It’s taken me this long to sift through and choose the winners from our zero waste week. The week was an incredible success with plenty of media attention and heaps of people taking part in a bid to reduce their food waste.

I wish I’d had 200 prizes to give away, but sadly I only had 2 and was nearly impossible to whittle it down to 2 people. There were so many fantastic people taking part, writing about the week, getting out into their communities and spreading the word to family, friends and colleagues.

However, I had two prizes to give out and here are my choices.

Julie Gibbons has won a £50 Natural Collection voucher. Julie went out of her way to promote and support the event both on our site, on her site and via social media. As she worked her way through the week her perceptions really shifted and she even came up with some ideas for using up vegetable peelings and left over curry sauce – so it was great to see the even having such an impact on her personally.

Claire from veg box recipes has bagged herself a £50 LUSH voucher. Claire wrote an inspirational post sharing versatile recipes to have to hand if you’ve got fruit or vegetable left overs. Her post was helpful to so many people both through her own veg box recipes website and the Ooffoo community. I’ve got my own copy close at hand too. Check out her “handy guide to eating leftovers“.

I have to mention Mrs A with the winners too because Mrs A was a winner in my eyes. Her support and encouragement was utterly amazing for which I cannot thank her enough. She was out at her local eatery spreading the word about food waste and eating food made from ‘leftovers’ every lunchtime. She was on the radio promoting zero waste week and sending me uplifting emails throughout the run up to the event. Thank you Mrs A!

Brenda from The Green Familia gets a mention and some serious loving too. She was away during the week itself, but arranged for her colleague Erica to help out. Erica blogged about her zero waste experiences every day. Brenda’s support in spreading the word via social media was second to none. She cheered me on throughout the run up to the week, helped me with PR and put a smile on my face on more than one occasion.

Finally, my thanks go to Tetra Pak for sponsoring the event and celebrity chef Brian Turner for supporting zero waste week.

I hope you all enjoyed zero waste week as much as I did and will be joining in again next year. But as Brian Turner said “Once you’ve done one week, it’s only another 51 to go!” so why not keep up the great habits you put in place during zero waste week and see if you can keep up the great work? Thanks to you all for taking part, getting into the spirit of sharing with one another and pledging to reduce your food waste.

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