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Sidmouth DevonWe popped down to Devon for our annual fix of sun, sea and sand a while ago. Little Miss Green camped with a couple of friends and Mr Green and I stayed in one of the friend’s houses and at a local mobile home park.

We had beautiful weather; perfect in fact. Every day was filled with cloudless blue skies and a cool northerly breeze

It was pretty much a relaxing holiday, but we’re not your average holiday makers any more.

While most people might go on a hunt for the best eating house, kids entertainment, the cleanest beach or the nearest off license, I was busy checking out the local recycling facilities!

We had full use of a food waste caddy while we were away from home – which was good because our wormery and bokashi bins were back at home. In Devon, you can use the compostable caddy liners and this made everything fuss free.

At Ladram Bay, the recycling facilities are excellent and even included mixed plastics which I’ve never come across before. This meant Mr Green could indeed enjoy a true holiday experience and indulge in the odd guilt-free curry complete with plastic packaging as show here:


In the shop I was delighted to see this sign and couldn’t wait to photograph it. The shop assistant was not in the least bit bemused when I asked if I could take a quick snap and was eager to point out their other ‘green credentials’.

Ladram Bay shop, charging to encourage a reduction in plastic carrier bag use

Ladram Bay shop, charging to encourage a reduction in plastic carrier bag use

Unfortunately, the ‘welcome pack’ we had was not quite so eco friendly:


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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Poppy says:

    Mmmm, so plus and minus then.

    Our park in Cornwall had no recycling facilities at all. I’m told by an ex-councillor in the area, that this is because it is a business and therefore it is up to them to make arrangements with the company of thier choice and not down to the council to sort.

    There are facilities at the local Morrisons that we spotted from a distance, but carting our rubbish around with us when we went out for the day, was not on our agenda. I did think about liberating the tea bags and organic waste in the local woods, but worried about how this may be seen by anyone who witnessed it.

    Hence we came back up the M5 with a bag of mixed items that I could not bring myself to throw away. Tins, bottles (glass and plastic), cardboard, paper, teabags and the remains of a bag of lettuce!


  2. Karen says:

    The caravan park at Mother Ivey’s Bay near Padstow in Cornwall where we have our static have good recycling bins. They have a collection of smaller seagull proof ones dotted all over the site . I think this makes holiday makers more likely to use them properly. They are emptied several times a day so it remains very clean. I have been talking to the Gardener to see if there is anyway of reusing the shower water for watering the beautiful gardens.

  3. Mrs Green says:

    @Poppy: none at all? I’m really surprised about that. Anyway, good for you for bringing home all your stuff and recycling it 🙂

    @Karen: Thanks for the heads up on this Karen; it’s great to hear of places that are doing their bit.

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