Should potatoes be stored in the ‘fridge?

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Discover a great tool to help you reduce food waste

Discover a great tool to help you reduce food waste

Well hopefully you all know that potatoes should NOT be stored in the ‘fridge. This can turn the starch to sugar which gives them a nasty sweetness when you cook them. It also makes them go black.

But what about bananas; those pesky fellows that go brown overnight – how do you stop them ripening too quickly?

And what about vinegar, olive oil and honey – do these ever go off?

All these questions and more are answered on the fabulous Still Tasty website, which promises to save you money, help you eat better AND save the environment.

For Kristen’s food waste Friday followers, it’s a must-have tool!

Not only will you find the answers to all those niggly questions involving food safety and storage, but you can search for any ingredient and discover whether to keep or toss it depending on how old it is. You’ll find out the best way to store things for maximum freshness and whether things are safe to eat once they are past their ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date.

The site is US based, so some of the advice on expiration dates is not applicable to the UK. For UK-based advice, visit the Love Food Hate Waste Use by and best before section of their site.

Don’t forget, we highlighted another great resource for reducing food waste some time ago on the site; check out the fabulous tool that one of our readers told us about to help reduce food waste. and have a read of Maisie’s tips which covers meal planning and batch cooking.

What about you? Any tools to help us reduce food waste and store our food safely?


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