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Recycle for Gloucestershire schools has a new website

Recycle for Gloucestershire schools has a new website

In the Forest of Dean we have a new Council website which has updated waste and recycling pages.

The pages have been expanded to cover topics most enquired about by residents and includes recycling collections, kerbside recycling collection service, plastic recycling, real nappies, waste reduction, where does your recycling go, where to recycle and a waste and recycling newsletters.
In addition, the Recycle For Gloucestershire site has also had a makeover. I have to say it looks fantastic!

It has information on how and where to reduce and recycle, local initiatives, along with helpful facts and figures.

Gloucestershire residents visiting the site can also claim a free copy of “Eat Well, Waste Less”, a comprehensive cook book with over 150 recipes and advice on how to use up leftover food.

If that’s not enough, Gloucestershire County council have officially launched the “Recycle for Gloucestershire schools” website. This site includes competitions, lesson plans, posters and a schools challenge leader board the site.

I’ll be heading over there to see if there is anything we can incorporate in our home school plan and to see if there are any local clubs taking place.

What about you? Councils’ interest in waste and recycling varies greatly across the country. What is your local council actively doing or promoting with regards to helping residents reduce, reuse and recycle?

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