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Myoo Create; rallying the crowd to change the world

Myoo Create; rallying the crowd to change the world

I recently came across an amazingly passionate bunch of people who have set up Myoo Create.

The idea is that if we club together and share ideas, we can find solutions to current environmental and social challenges.

Working with organisations, it’s our opportunity to create a happy and healthy planet. I know you’re all full of great ideas, but many of us feel dis empowered or that we can’t make a difference. Well now you can!

If you have a passion for inspiring and co-creating a better world then you can apply your talents to challenges that matter. If you’re a rebel without a cause, you’ve found your cause!

Over the coming months, Myoo Create will host a series of challenges that you can take part in helping to solve.

There are two current challenges; the Beat Waste start up challenge and The Innovation for Biodiversity Photo Contest.

Naturellement, the Beat Waste challenge piqued my curiosity! It’s sponsored by Adventure Ecology, organizers of the Plastiki expedition and is offering $25,000 in cash prizes for businesses and social enterprises that reduce or eliminate waste.

It’s simple to enter; all you need is an elevator pitch and a brief 200 word description. Winners will be determined by crowd voting.

If creative and innovative ideas are not your thing, you can still be in with a chance of winning. True to their word of community importance, there is a $500 prize for the Myoo Create member who provides the best quality of feedback during the Challenge.

There are some fantastic entries in already such as extracting fibres from agricultural waste in order to create sustainable fashion, and producing energy and biochar from waste biomass.

Myoo Create is gathering momentum. Just two weeks after launching they had gathered 100s of community members from all over the world.

What about you? Have you been sitting on an idea for the past few months? Now is your chance to share it!

You can follow Myoo Create on Twitter @myoocreate or sign up for their facebook page

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