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Our weekly roundup of zero waste news

Our weekly roundup of zero waste news

Another wonderfully sunny week has passed. We’ve hardly been at the computer – Little miss Green and I have been learning all about potatoes and butterflies while Mr Green has been mending roofs – I think it’s all zero waste maintenance so far, but I’ll be sure to let you know if he’s created any construction waste that will end up in the landfill.

Here is a round up of our reduce, reuse, recycle stories all promising you a zero waste future.

Save the landfill for £1

We began the week with our intrepid super hero, Mr Green, flying in with his blue underpants on to save the world for £1. Read all about it and let us know what bargains you’ve got recently from your local charity shops.

Update on luffa growing

It appears luffas are fussy fellows – needing just the right amount of water, light, temperature and unconditional love. I’m not the most green fingered of people, but I have successfully germinated one luffa seed! Come and take a peek and let us know what weird and wonderful things you are growing this year.

One step to minimal food waste

This is my no brainer step to save you from food waste in the future. Many of you visited the page to tell me you were going to have a go too.  Have a look at how to minimise food waste with one easy step and share your tips in the comments.

Eco eating?

Ever wished restaurants were as hot on reducing food waste as you were? Now you can eat out without the guilt, thanks to Cawley’s ‘Eco Eating’ database. Restaurants that have a good zero waste policy are listed on there, so you can find an eatery who cares about the environment too.  Mandy Jacob tells us all about it.

Food waste Friday

Did we have food waste or a dustbin demon this week? Find out and tell us about your week!

Climate change

How much do you know about climate change? Adem Cengiz from the Clinton Foundation contacted me and he wants you to take a quiz in celebration of the 40th Earth Day.

When you participate, they will donate $2 to their Earth Day campaign to donate 20,000 solar-powered flashlights to those living without electricity in camps in Haiti. In order to do so, they need 100,000 people to take their Earth Day quiz.

Some of those questions were tough! I only got 6 out of 10, but at least I’ve learned something new, had a bit of time out and hopefully benefited someone in Haiti.

Dioxin! What Citizens, Workers and Policymakers Need to Know

Ever wondered what all the fuss regarding Dioxins is about? Dioxins are a family of highly toxic, man-made organic compounds that are byproducts of some industrial processes and waste incineration. Dioxins are fat-soluble, so they tend to accumulate in the tissues of the animals who encounter them, and it can take many years for the compounds to break down. Any person living in an industrialized country has dioxins in his or her body-we ingest them when we eat animal fats or animal-fat byproducts.

This new You Tube video by Linda Birnbaum, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.discusses what dioxin is, how toxic it is, and whether it causes cancer. It provides a useful and easy to understand summary of some of the available evidence against dioxin.

The video was originally commissioned in 2004 by the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor and the Public Interest Research Group In Michigan, but has never been released publicly until now.


Coming up

Next week – Don’t miss Mr Green’s amazing reuse idea, I’ll be showing you step by step how we shop without creating landfill waste, and I’ll be inviting you to get close; very close …

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