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Mrs Green, Little Miss Green and the rather famous and lovely Wesley Smith

Mrs Green, Little Miss Green and the rather famous and lovely Wesley Smith

Another week has passed at my zero waste. We’ve had a great time. In between watering our luffa seeds, we’ve been off to the BBC for a radio interview and counting crisp packets.

Here’s a round up of all the reduce, reuse and recycle stories from our site for this week

You’re growing a what?

Most people grow carrots, potatoes or tomatoes, but it’s not just the ‘ordinary’ things for us. We like to branch out into the ‘extraordinary’ and this year we’re doing exactly that. We’re growing cleaning sponges, or even shoes; who knows? Come and find out just what is growing in our garden this year. Some of you are so inspired to join in and have a go yourselves – what about you?

Your suggestions please!

We’ve been asked to create a ‘best of’ page on our site, but we don’t know what to put on it! What would you choose and how can we decide? Find out how to find us on facebook, twitter and how to grab our latest RSS feeds too, so you can always keep up to date with the latest zero waste news.

It’s Wesley Smith calling

I was called by Wesley Smith on Tuesday. How excited was I!? I was a bit start struck; I mean the guy has a 24 year career in broadcasting both in the studio and on location. He’s appeared on Central News, Thames Valley news and Fox FM. He’s interviewed Tony Blair and this week he interviewed us for Radio Gloucestershire.

He wanted to  get the scoop on our crisp packet recycling scheme, so armed with old crisp packets, beautifully woven handbags and photos of the shanties where some of the Filipino’s live, we had a chat. Click on the link below, bear with the first 30 seconds which talks about an Osprey hatching an egg and have a listen!

Interview with Wesley Smith for Radio Gloucestershire

Personal vs political action

Over on the Green Phone booth, Erin, from The Conscious Shopper asked how we find the balance between personal and political action. It was all part of the APLS Carnival. To be honest I wasn’t going to take part because I didn’t think I had anything to say, but as usual, I found a few words …. Check out my post on Personal vs political action and let me know what you think!

From bags to riches

One month after launching our crisp packet recycling scheme with Glynis Chambers – community champion from our local Tesco store; we hot footed it back there to collect the offerings from the residents of Gloucester. How many empty crisp packets do you think we have managed to collect in one month? And how much difference will that make to children supported by the Philippine Community Fund? Find out with our story of bags to riches.

Waste education officer shares her story

On Thursday, we welcomed Hannah Gray to the site to share ‘a day in the life of‘ being a waste education officer. She’s one busy lady, spreading the message about recycling and reducing waste. I’m rather envious actually; I think that job might suit me down to the ground!

Food waste Friday

Indeed we had some food waste this week and it highlighted the fact that in order for a zero waste household to run smoothly, COMMUNICATION is the key! You can also check out our You Tube video to see all about our dustbin demon. Be warned; I was a bit fired up about this one LOL!

Coming up

With spring well under way, we’ll be giving you an update on our luffa – betcha can’t wait! I’ll be sharing my number one ‘no brainer’ tip for reducing food waste and you can find out just how our unsung hero, Mr Green, managed to save the landfill for £1

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