Mini sweetcorn is back on the menu!

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Mini Sweetcorn wrapped in plastic

Mini Sweetcorn wrapped in plastic

Little Miss Green has a ‘bit of a thing’ for mini corn on the cob.

You know the stuff? Airfreighted from Thailand most of the time no doubt, on a small plastic tray and swathed in clingfilm?

Last year, when we were doing our 1 bin challenge, we did buy this occasional treat for her. She likes the big fresh cobs, as well as tinned and frozen sweetcorn, but it’s the mini cobs that really bring a smile to her face. A couple of the old plastic trays are currently being used as drip trays underneath house plants. Cunning reuse eh?

Sadly, the plastic trays are unmarked and not recyclable around here, so they’re off the menu for 2010 because we vow to send nothing to landfill. But last week we took a trip into a store I’ve never been into before. We went to our local ASDA.

What a HUGE place that is!

I only got half way around before craving the big outdoors. I’m not really a shop girl if I’m honest; I prefer farms and open fields.

But we did find something very exciting amongst their impressive ‘ethnic foods’ section.

One of them was this!

Mini sweetcorn cobs in a recyclable tin

Mini sweetcorn cobs in a recyclable tin

Yes TINNED mini corn on the cob!

Ok, they are still from Thailand and probably air freighted, but our own mini sweetcorn plants are now stumps poking out of the snow, so how could I resist buying my girl a treat; especially as this is her Birthday week!?

Have you had an exciting zero waste find recently? Anything you had given up buying and then found a landfill friendly alternative to?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday Little Miss Green!
    It’s my birthday this wee too.

  2. Yes Happy Birthday LMG, I was 21 again yesterday.

  3. Jen CleanBin says:

    Wait, are you implying that you are growing mini corn in your backyard? If you are, I’m really impressed.

    On the mini corn scale, I guess we’re pretty lucky over here because pretty much every grocery stocks them in tins – I’ve never even seen them in a foam tray.

  4. Mrs Green says:

    @Sarah: @maisie dalziel: Thank you ladies, and a happy birthday to you both too.

    @Jen CleanBin: We did indeed – at LMG’s request. As with all things in the Green household, they grew rather larger than mini sweetcorn, but they were a great success despite a bad summer 🙂

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