Come and meet us in Gloucester tomorrow!

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Come and see this very box, unveiled for the first time - she's shy and needs your support

Come and see this very box, unveiled for the first time - she's shy and needs your support

If you’re around in Gloucester tomorrow I want to lead you into temptation.

I hope no one’s listening, but I want you to eat a bag of crisps for breakfast <gasp>

Oh yes I do – forget Special K, organic oats, freshly squeezed juice or anything remotely healthy; I want you to eat your favourite bags of crisps – tell your kids Auntie Rae said they had to.

Then I want you to come along to Tesco in St Oswalds Road between 10am and 12pm to bring me your empty crisp packets (and say hello and have a hug of course).

Tomorrow we will be launching crisp bag recycling – yipee! Once a month we’ll be getting all your lovely empty packets down to Southampton, where the gorgeous Ange and Laura from the Philippine Community Fund will be storing them up to send to the Philippines.

Once the goods arrive there, some wonderfully creative women will be weaving the crisp bags to make stunning purses and bags. They get paid a decent wage which means their children (who up to now have been scavenging on rubbish dumps) can go to school instead of having to work! You can buy a selection of their products direct from the Philippine Community Fund and we’ll have some goodies on display for you to fondle.

Do try and make it; it would be great to meet you – and I know you’d love an excuse to eat crisps for breakfast! If you don’t come then you have to eat dry muesli, so there.

Now all that’s left to do is a naked sun dance before I get my beauty sleep – we don’t want to be snowed in; we have three inches of the white stuff outside the door already…

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