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Six ways to reuse buttons

Six ways to reuse buttons

It’s time to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost our way to a zero waste future with my selection of this week’s stories from around the internet.

Northern Ireland says No to carrier bag charges

Northern Ireland have decided not to follow in the footsteps of the Republic of Ireland regarding a charge for disposable plastic carrier bags.

They want to “tackle environmental issues such as food waste and packaging”, but has so far ruled out charging shoppers for carrier bags.

Read the full story at “Northern Ireland rules out carrier bag charge.

Zero waste toiletries packaging

Evolve beauty manufacturer a range of 12 organic skin, body and hair products. Not only are the products good for you, but the packaging is great for the environment!

Evolve are using 100% post-consumer reground HDPE from milk bottles for their 200ml bottles and 100% post-industrial polypropylene for their 100ml skincare jars.

Evolve have been working for some time to use recyclable plastic recovered from the waste stream to show that recycled packaging can look stunning whilst being kind to the environment.

Reusing buttons

Recently Little Miss Green has taken an interest in sewing. A friend of mine sent her a treasure box full of fabric scraps, ribbons and buttons.

Over on Re-Nest I found a great little post about reusing buttons. They came up with six ideas ranging from making magnets, which were a huge hit with readers, to making interesting looking wreaths.

Head over to re-nest and be inspired with their “Six ways to reuse buttons

Photo credit: Re-Nest

Keeping Levi Strauss jeans out of the landfill

Levi Strauss are one of the most popular brands of jeans; the company being 155 years old!

They believe the greatest opportunity for improving environmental sustainability exists once you’ve taken your product home and have come up with “A Care Tag for Our Planet“.

The idea is that instead of sending your unwanted jeans to landfill, you donate them to charity shops or pass them on to someone else.

Simple, but effective! With nearly 1 million tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill in the UK every year, this simple step can make a huge difference.

Reusing fruit packaging

Fortunately I’m able to buy boxes of apples without any other packaging from our local orchard. In the farm shop, apples come in a cardboard box with cardboard between the layers to stop bruising.

What do you do, however, if you buy apples with rigid plastic packaging between layers?

Over on Re-Nest, they’ve been discussing reuse ideas from storing Christmas ornaments to starting off seeds!

Check out the reader’s ideas with “Bulk store fruit packaging: one way to reuse it

Rent a Christmas tree

Here’s a neat idea for a zero waste Christmas (if you live in Southern California that is).

Living Christmas enable you to rent a live Christmas tree for 3 weeks, after which they collect, replant and rent it out to someone else (or yourself) again next year!

With over 8 million real Christmas trees sold in the UK, many of which end up in landfill and most of which end up shredded into wood chip for parks by local councils, tree rental is a wonderful way to enjoy nature without causing damage.

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