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Pupils from a school in Leeds buried in a years worth of junk mail

Pupils from a school in Leeds buried in a years worth of junk mail

It’s my time of the week to round up some great zero waste stories from around the world.

Each story will help you reduce, reuse, recycle or compost more!

A waste of junk mail

Well I’ve always thought most schools teach a load of junk, but over in Leeds, they really do!

I came across this wonderful story on Robert’s Stop Junk Mail blog.

One of the teachers at a Leeds Primary school has been hanging on his 2,000 pieces of junk mail to teach the children about the effects of wasting paper on the environment.

Afterwards, the children will  be recycling the mail …

Redad more with “Leeds school mountain of junk mail

Reuse egg shells

The other day, when I made a cake I was left with a dripping eggshell in one hand while I struggled to get the lid off the compost caddy with the other.

All the while egg white was leaking over the work top. I realised then how much egg I waste when I crack an egg and I ran my finger inside the eggshell to pull out about 1/10 remaining egg!

Since then I’ve been doing this to squeeze every last drop out of an eggshell …

Over on Re-nest, they’ve been coming up with other ideas for reusing eggshells! From making chalk to seedling pots, see what they have to suggest with “A Few Things To Do With Empty Egg Shells

Make it and mend it

I’ve been inspired by Hillary and friends over at Make it and mend it.

With a tag line of ‘because life’s too good to throw away’ how could I resist a peek at their site?

What I found was lots of tips and ideas for mending broken items and reusing things instead of sending them to landfill.

From ideas about extending the life of your clothes to making candles through to junk yard reclamation and DIY projects, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to keep you busy.

Waste recycling in Wales

A new, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) waste recycling plant has opened in Wrexham in Clywd, Wales.

The park will enable Wrexham residents to recycle more than ever, including kitchen waste and creating 1,000 tonnes of compost per year to be made available for the public and for use in local parks and gardens.

The Welsh Assembly Government has set a challenging target of recycling 70 per cent of their waste by 2025.

Read more with “First Welsh PFI recycling facility opens in Wales“.

Reusing Tetra Pak cartons

Up in Lincolnshire, Ilona has been reusing her Tetra Pak cartons. Her nearest recycling site is 5 miles away, which she doesn’t visit very often, so she’s been reusing her Tetra Paks for storage instead.

Find out how Ilona has been making “handy little containers

Recycle your dog poo

Something we’re asked about a lot on my zero waste is how to deal with dog’s poo to make them zero waste too. By the time you’ve ‘bagged it and binned it’ you’ve dumped a whole load of plastic in the landfill as well.

Over on Re Nest, they’ve been talking about dog loos; find out how to compost your dog poo with “Compost it! Tumbleweed pet poo convertor“.

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