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A lb of plums - food for the wasps

A lb of plums - food for the wasps

I’m really disappointed with my food waste this week. There is only one item but I could have prevented it AND it means I have to wait until next year to ever savour this delight again.

There’s a harsh lesson!

We have an organic orchard on the other side of the hill from us where we can buy soft fruits, apples and pears.

It’s fruit like you’ve never tasted before with heritage varieties that never make it to the supermarkets

This was the last of the Victoria plums – in my opinion, the best plums you can get.

I bought 1lb of them thinking I would make a pie.

I forgot that once a crop comes to the end it tends to go off very quickly and I found these a short two days later

I left them in the plastic bag too, which means I now have an icky plastic bag to deal with and deposit in the landfill – usually I take the bags back to the farm for refilling.

So let that be a lesson to me; never get ‘too busy’ to deal with fresh fruit.

How did you get on with your food waste this week? Don’t forget to let Kristen know over on ‘The Frugal Girl

Are any of you going to reduce the amount of food waste you create for National zero waste week?

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