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Mr Green swells the landfill this week with polystyrene and plastic

Mr Green swells the landfill this week with polystyrene and plastic

Picture the scene: You’re walking around a supermarket with an empty tummy and rapidly filling trolley.

Not the best scenario to be in for getting out of the shop without going over the floor limit is it?

The other day, Mr Green and I were perusing the aisles of our local Co-op when my beloved man was struck by what we fondly call a ‘green moment’.

It’s when his blood sugar plummets, along with his mood and his face becomes a whiter shade of green.

I have about 5 minutes to rescue him before he turns into the incredible Hulk, ranting and raving, driving the trolley into displays, deliberately wheeling over my toes and getting generally a bit ‘arsey’.

Well, at least we were in the best place for it and not in the middle of nowhere with only a few berries and nuts to forage for.

“Go and grab and apple or banana” I said helpfully.

But Mr Green was beyond green and healthy stuff; he was having a “meat ‘n’ comfort food” craving.

Finding ourselves without any containers (because I hadn’t planned a visit to the deli counter) he sauntered off to the ‘reduced’ section of the chiller cabinets to see what he could find.

And there, nestling amongst the unloved coleslaw and sad looking quiches he found his trophy prize: A huge slice of gala pie, lovingly sliced by hand by one of the ladies on the deli counter.

I didn’t dare mention the glaring fact that it was on a polystyrene tray which was then wrapped in clingfilm. There are times to be an eco warrior and there are times to be a supportive wife and keep your opinions to yourself. This was definitely a time for the latter.

Back at the car, he hungrily tore into his packaging to find the pie was wrapped in 3 miles of cling film anyway.


Ever Mr Green muttered something about it being unnecessary to THEN stick the whole lot in a polystyrene tray.

At least I think that’s what he said; he had his mouth full of pie …

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