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Preventing landfill waste through reusing food

Preventing landfill waste through reusing food

You might remember that disaster struck my kitchen (and Little Miss Green’s tummy) yesterday.

I used the wrong tin to bake a cake and ended up with an inedible mess.

I was just about to throw it out for the birds (and whatever might come along to feast) but then I thought of having to declare it on Friday as ‘food waste’.

Surely I could come up with an idea to prevent this happening.

As it happens I did.

I salvaged all the pieces of cooked cake and made some jelly (orange juice and gelatine for a zero waste jelly).

I stuck the broken cake into the bottom of a dish, covered it with jelly and I bet you can guess what is coming next.

That’s right – a layer of custard (using up milk which we buy so infrequently, it often gets put down the sink before being used up) topped with some double cream.

There wasn’t quite enough cream to cover it, but no one complained.

A sprinkle of cocoa powder and we were good to go.

Little Miss Green indulged in some trifle for breakfast, lunch and erm, dinner too.

Oh well, at least the cake got eaten – it goes soggy once soaked in jelly anyway; and she had a happy tummy.

What about you? What ingredients have you saved from the landfill and turned into a feast?

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  1. That sounds better than just custard.. Yum yum!!

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