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Mrs Green holding her tiny packet of landfill waste this week!

Mrs Green holding her tiny packet of landfill waste this week!

Did you miss us?

That’s the beauty of technology. I’ve been sunning myself in Devon while the computer has been busy putting up posts for me. What an amazing personal assistant!

So you’ll forgive me for answering your comments; the technology at zero waste towers isn’t quite that advanced yet!

Our weigh in this week is on the light side, as we’ve been away for half the week, but it has some hangers-on from before I declared we had to reduce our weekly landfill waste in order to fulfil our goal of one bin full of the year.

As for food waste, there isn’t anything.

Except there was.


You see; I’m used to my cooker. My lovely Alice who cooks everything to perfection and behaves impeccably.

My friend’s house, who we were cat sitting in, houses a gas cooker.

My understanding is that gas is much more controllable than electric.

Which it is. If you’re standing there watching it.

I, however, with my ceramic hob to which I have become accustomed,  favour the ‘leave it on a low heat and come back in half an hour’ approach. I can now tell you with a few days of experience under my belt that this does not work with gas.

You come into the kitchen to the smell of burning rice, or porrage over the hob, or char grilled vegetables.

So I created loads of food waste, BUT in East Devon, which is where I was, there is a cooked food waste collection!

Yes, nestled on the work surface was a kitchen caddy, complete with corn starch bags that feel remarkably like old condoms. Outside was a lovely blue bin to discard all my burnt offerings.

So, I kinda produced food waste, kinda didn’t.

I have to be honest; If I had that sort of catastrophe at home I would chuck it out for the birds. But being by the seaside, I would have been haunted by seagulls. I didn’t feel that was neighbourly as I happened to bump into my temporary neighbour as she was shooing some seagulls off the fence.

So into the food waste it went.

I’m not sure what East Devon council do with the food waste they collect – Energy from waste I guess. Not perfect, but there you go. Probably better than the landfill.

So onto our landfill waste; we have a couple of pre ‘good intentions’ sins to declare:

Tomorrow I will buy cheese from the deli counter in my own reusable container, get a fresh chicken from the butcher in my own box and I’ve just bought another large bag of crisps, which Little miss Green makes last the week and I’ll be buying fresh, lose vegetables and fruit at the farm shop.

I’m feeling hopeful for a small count next week.

All in all our landfill waste weighs 46 gms

Not bad at all – how did you get on this week?

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