No rest for Mr Green on Sunday

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Preparations are underway at zero waste towers for our WRAPs recycle week pledge

Preparations are underway at zero waste towers for our WRAPs recycle week pledge

Poor Mr Green. I didn’t realise it was Fathers’ Day until he was already working hard to prepare for next week’s WRAP Recycle Week pledge.

I caught him and Little Miss Green busy tidying in front of the garage. So there I left him to carry on with his task before announcing it was, in fact, Father’s Day and he should be putting his feet.

Aren’t I mean? Not to mention that I forgot they were eating chicken this week and put it in the oven 3/4 hour late so there are rumbling tums all ’round.

Little Miss Green, meanwhile, shared her hopes and joys for next week and they are not what I expected at all. Hmmm, I think I have my work cut out.

So while Mr Green enjoys a much-deserved glass of wine and I promise to take good care of him for the rest of the day, I’ll leave you to find out more about how Little Miss Green plans to deal with all the ‘stuff’ in the garage:


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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Layla says:

    lol!! 🙂

    Little Miss Green has her own sneaky plans then!! 🙂 Well, they are much better than having stuff unloved in the garage, isn’t that so?!! 🙂

    Mr Green is very brave!! & looking handsome as ever!! (though slightly worried! 😉 which is prefectly understandable!!)

    Wishing you guys great luck with it all & LOTS of treasures!! 🙂
    … to be put on Freecycle or.. wherever..?!! & think of it this way, Mrs Green – think of all the birthday gifts money you could be saving!!
    I think you could have Little Miss Green sorted till she’s 18!!! 🙂

  2. Layla says:

    Oh & happy Father’s day to Mr Green!!

    Do pamper him today, Mrs Green, as he’s gonna need full strength tomorrow!! 🙂

  3. Mr Green says:

    @Layla: THanks Layla! In a funny sort of way, I’m looking forward to doing this job. Firstly, I hope to get some real order into my accumulated ‘gems’ and secondly, it has a definite purging effect to clear out stuff that has been hidden for so many years.

    Some things are hard to let go of.. you know, there’s a kind of memory attached to things and finding them again brings the past back to the surface.

    Anyways, tomorrow is the day of reckoning, I hope rain won’t stop play!

  4. Mrs Green says:

    Ahem; I heard that.
    I can assure you, Mr Green, that rain, hail, sleet, snow and being struck by lightening will not be stopping play. We’ve come this far and there is no going back <>


  5. Mr Green says:

    Ah … yes, well… I’ll bear that in mind
    (sheesh, gota watch what ya say around here) 😉 🙂

  6. LOL…I’ve just had an idea….why not LMG set up her bedroom in the garage. Hee hee, she’ll have a great time uncovering your old treasures.

    Good luck. Have a fab time and enjoy (between the hard work that is) 😀 x

  7. Mrs Green says:

    @Almost Mrs Average: Hmmm, a cunning idea, Mrs A – we may well be resorting to that by the end of the week!. Sun Dance everyone please; we need SUN!

  8. Layla says:

    lol I’m glad you’re all approaching this with a ‘Let’s have fun’ attitude!! 🙂

    Mr Green, I know some things are hard to let go, as I’m a definite (& terrible!) hoarderer myself!!
    You’re probably planning this already, but if not I just thought to mention it, taking a picture(or several!) &/or a video of all the precious stuff may be helpful in the process of letting go… so you still have the good memories without the actual, uhm, stuff..!!

    Also, a big party may be planned at the end, & definitely some time to pamper oneself (& each other! :)) every day & uhm, maybe reading sites on decluttering to psyche oneself up? 🙂
    I know that reading Flylady & GetOrganizedNow & such helped me immensely when I had to declutter a room full of memories!! 🙂

    On the other hand, some things might get fixed & prettified so they can be usable again?

    Again, best of luck!!
    Will be looking forward to the results!! 🙂

  9. Mrs Green says:

    @Layla: Layla, you have some great ideas – about the photos of ‘stuff’ to be kept and then the item released. I might consider that myself. There will definitely be a celebration at the end!

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