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Some of our food waste for one week

Some of our food waste for one week

This is a true confession of a disorganised woman. Prepare to be shocked. I was.

There’s a mighty mountain of food waste this week. After my fall and subsequent ‘sitting-on-my-arse-with-my-leg-in-the-air-for-a-few-days’ scenario and relying on Mr Green to feed himself and Little Miss Green, sadly, we created lots of food waste.

The last thing I felt up to was standing or sitting in the kitchen preparing vegetables and Mr Green’s culinary skills tend to begin and end with the can opener.

I tend to get caught out this time of year too. Temperatures increase and I forget that leaving things out at room temperature is no longer advisable. I’ve really noticed this week how much quicker fruit and vegetables are going off.

Time to start making more use of fridge space I think.

All in all, we’ve wasted:

They were once a courgette and some beetroot

They were once a courgette and some beetroot

To add insult to injury, I found half a tin of beans and half a tin of spaghetti,which had gone mouldy, lost in the back of the ‘fridge. I remember opening them at the beginning of the week with strict instructions that they were to be eaten up.

Geesh, can’t a woman have a couple of days off from life without all sorts of mischief happening?

But that’s not all – the birds have been feasting on dry cake and cheese bits too.

I did quickly assuage my guilt by rescuing some other items from their fate. I found a sprouting onion, some yellowing broccoli and some cheese that one of them had put in the cupboard instead of the fridge – uncovered **sigh** It was rock hard.

True to Mrs-Green-is-recovering-well-thank-you style; they found it in their soup.

Interestingly, it was a great soup. A soup that once again led Mr Green to believe I had shopped at great expense in some posh shop. Amazing what you can do with a little creativity and heavy hand of garlic and herbs!

But of course, we don’t buy posh soup any more, after this mishap.

This week’s food waste was a real eye opener. I called my beloved family to the kitchen and presented the wasted food to them on the kitchen work surface. We could have started a small catering business and we all felt terrible.

When Little Miss Green saw it, she took a sharp intake of breath. When Mr green saw it he said ‘”Oh God, I’m so guilty this week …”
but you know, it isn’t about guilt or blame, it’s about awareness and learning from our mistakes.

I felt dreadfully guilty too, despite the fact the vast proportion of it can be composted; that really isn’t the point. It was decent food that was allowed to spoil and become waste. Waste that we created when some people cannot afford to eat every day. When I read that the average family throw away one third of the food they buy each week; it seems incomprehensible. I’ve often wondered how they actually do that …

Well now I know.

However, one feeling was a kind of celebration – It was clear that I do more than I think I do surrounding our food waste every week. I feel bad for throwing out half a bag of salad most weeks and think I should be doing more, but I obviously *am* doing more! A lot more! without even realising what I am doing or how I’m doing it.

Blackberries wearing green fury jackets

Blackberries wearing green fury jackets

It also goes to show that if I’m not in the kitchen, keeping on top of things then the natural laws of decomposition are just waiting to party. I don’t know what the answer is to this – if I’m away from the kitchen, then what can I do? How do you all manage this one? turn into a nagging wife or are your partners / kids naturally handy in the kitchen area?

I don’t want to give the idea that Mr green is a waste of space in the kitchen, but it’s simply not his domain. He doesn’t enjoy it and he’s not particularly good at it. If I’m not up to cooking and he’s prepared to give LMG a tin of soup for tea, then, to be honest, I’m just grateful that she’s taken care of.

I know that she wraps him around her little finger in the kitchen when I’m not there too! That dish of blackberries and grapes with roasted oats was a left over breakfast from earlier in the week. I said she could eat it the following day for breakfast or for pudding after her next meal, but once I was out of the way flat on my back, she left the fresh fruit and tucked into crisps (Daddy said yes) instead. Smart girl – who wouldn’t do that at eight years old?!

The third thing is that food waste can create packaging waste. Usually, we rinse out the plastic bags and recycle all that we can from items like salad. Once it’s gone slimy, there is no way to hygienically or sociably do this; so the packaging has also ended up in landfill and contributed 30gms of this week’s weight.

On to the weigh ins. The landfill container wasn’t emptied or sorted last week, so this is for two weeks. We have:

All in all it weighs 115 grams. For two weeks rubbish, I’m very pleased!

After my huge confession I want to be inspired by your wonderful selves – how little food waste have you created this week? Don’t forget – if you blog about your food waste, then join in with Kristen, over at her fabulous frugal girl site and share the link love.
Dare I or shall we just keep it amongst ourselves?

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