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suday roundupAnother week has flown by here at zero waste towers. We’ve had lots of fun again and many of you have shared your thoughts and opinions throughout the week, which has been great! We always love hearing about your adventures.

At the beginning of the week there was still snow a plenty on the ground and after a request from Little Miss Green for salad I decided to see if I could get naked in the supermarket.

On Tuesday I had a light bulb moment. I have finally become a true zero waster. You know it has happened to you too and several of you shared the moment when you knew you were under the thumb of your eco conscience. Why not tell us when that ‘Aha!’ moment came for you?

We launched a competition this week which had over 120 of you taking part! Next week you’ll be able to find out if you are one of the lucky winners to get your paws on one of three ReSACKel recycled shopping bags. Don’t miss it!

We daintily stepped up to the scales with a burgeoning load this week. Little Miss Green and I had been decluttering and we all know what that means when it comes to landfill waste. Did we still manage to maintain our 100gms target for this week’s weigh in?

I was fortunate enough to take delivery of an Abel and Cole organic fruit and vegetable box. Read my review and add your thoughts to the packaging issue. Many of you have already voiced your opinions and shared your experiences; come and tell us what you think!

On Friday we served boiled eggs in old herb jars. Read all about it and come and share some of your favourite re-use ideas.

Next week will be a recipe-heavy week. I’ll be sharing lots of information about the delicious delicacies I have been dishing up with the contents of our Abel and Cole box. So get your saucepans ready and put your aprons on because I want to hear your recipes too.

There will be a chance for you to win an organic fruit and vegetable box yourself in the near future and we’ll be putting together a special give away in honour of Little Miss Green’s Birthday. And if you’re the King or Queen of reuse, there is a chance for you to win £250 by sharing your ideas with others. I’ll tell you all about it next week.

until then …



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