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weigh in 28I’ve not been around much since the weekend. Little Miss Green, always one to share freely and lovingly, shared her viral thing with me and I’ve been unwell 🙁

So much so, I took to supermarket delivery of convenience meals in order that Mr Green could keep himself and LMG alive during my culinary absence. I didn’t want to come down to an assortment of skin and bones. I mean, what would I do with it all?

Goodness knows then, what next weeks landfill will look like! I made as many good choices as possible, because zero waste ready meals are more and more readily available, but I have to be honest – convenience was my top priority. It’s hard to think about your rubbish when you’re feeling, well, rubbish yourself.

A glimpse into the bin would reveal that Mr Green has been doing a little decluttering of his own with a dvd spindle and it looks like Little Miss Green has either been clearing up after herself, or creating messes; I can’t quite decide which 🙂

Without further ado then, in the landfill bin this week we have only a few items, but they’re pretty heavy:

All in all it weighs  153 gms

It’s a real boo hiss week. I think I’m going to stick to regular crisp packets, you seem to get more food and less packaging for your money. And before you ask; we already have several Pringles tubs housing various objects around the house and I’ve got to the NO MORE! stage with it all………

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