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farm shop where you can buy fruit and vegetable without packaging
Well today was almost uneventful! No near misses with scary things in the post and nothing found its way into our home that needed creative thinking!

We went to our farm shop this morning where everything is sold loose. We take back our own box and paper bags for refilling and we can buy exactly the amounts we require, which means less food waste than the ‘convenience’ of pre packed fruit and vegetables.

After that we visited our local orchard in the torrential rain to buy apples. On sale this week were 6kg boxes of coxes for storage – yummy; one of our favourites, Katy, James Grieve (well worth seeking out if you ever get the opportunity) and Discovery.

Soft fruit couldn’t be picked because of the rain, so I had to go without my favourite raspberries. I’m hoping for better weather so that they dry off and can be picked in time for the weekend.

This afternoon Little Miss Green went to her ‘art club’ where lots of junk modelling takes place.

When I went to pick her up I noticed black plastic trays that things like mini sweetcorn and mange tout come in from the supermarket, as well as plastic Ferrero Rocher boxes and all sorts of other plastic things.

So perhaps a local school or art club is an outlet some of you could explore to get rid of non recyclable packaging.
It’s not ideal, but at least it will get some reuse by budding artists before heading off to the landfill. And in the meantime you can be seeking out better alternatives to prevent the waste in the first place.

Mr Green had a call from our local radio station this afternoon to catch up on our progress. He’ll be doing a live phone in tomorrow morning just after the 8:30am news. So you can tune in and listen live if you’re near your computer at that time or if you are local and can get Radio Gloucestershire, set the dial to 104.7FM.papier mache for zero waste recycling

He’s on the Mark Cummings Breakfast show.

We have a winner for our August competition to win a stop junk mail kit.
Kim Allen from Hampshire took Little Miss Green’s fancy with her idea for using up junk mail. She suggested: “I think the best thing to do with junk mail is to re-use it, the most dull bits can be used in a paper-mache form to create bowls and baskets, then paint and varnish these, shred the most colourful bits of junk mail and use for filling along with small treats/samples and these make for very cheap presants that children can make themselves for teachers/friends/helpers so all the junk mail we get can be of good use.

Being a bit of a paper shredder herself, Little Miss Green liked Kim’s artistic solutions to the problem of junk mail and will no doubt be having a go herself at some papier mache artistry. I must admit, I used to think papier mache was a bit naff, until I stumbled across this website. Take a browse through the gallery and you will see some beautiful and unbelievable works of art. The picture above is made from paper – how inspiring is that?

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Robert from the fabulous Stop junk mail website for providing this fantastic prize. We’ve done everything Robert suggests and no longer get any junk mail, so do visit his site, follow the steps to a junk mail free existence, treat yourself to some ‘return to sender’ labels, letterbox stickers or envelope reuse stickers, which are designed by his talented partner Eloise, and make a real difference to the world. It’s a simple thing to do that can have such far reaching effects.

Lastly I was just too tired to be bestest Mummy in the world when it came to Little Miss Green’s tea this evening, so I gave her soup from a tin and a bread roll bought loose from the butchers. I’ts not exactly rocket science is it? and just goes to show that a zero waste week doesn’t need to be difficult or involve long, complicated food preparation. It can be as convenient and straight forward as you like.

Until the morning then………. xxx


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