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The Greens - still smiling a week into the zero waste challenge

It’s been an incredible first week here at Chez Green. The support we’ve had over the past few days has been amazing. On our second day we had over 1000 hits and we had local press knocking on our door. (Well ringing us actually, but the former sounds better).

There have been nearly 150 comments which backs up our own findings as we’ve been out and about: Everyone has something to say about rubbish!

I found this curious, but as the very wise Almost Mrs Average Bin Guru extrordinaire pointed out to me; everyone has to deal with rubbish. It’s a common connection, something we all have to manage, remember to put out and pick up when it’s blown down the road. We all have something to say about it.

Whether we are concerned about the environmental implications of sending too much stuff to landfill or not, rubbish is something that touches all of our lives. It’s the smelly and heavy inconvenience of our convenient lives.

Anyway dear readers, today is Sunday so I’m going to keep this post light with a basic roundup of this week’s news.

We launched the site on Monday with a monthly challenge. Anyone who wants to step up to their own zero waste or reduced rubbish challenge can find out how to take that first step. It’s easy peasy, I promise, so is a great time to get on board. Sign up and join in the fun!

On Tuesday, as I am a fun loving Mum and all that, I challenged Little Miss Green to come up with a zero waste meal for herself . Did she end up with no supper or come up with a feast fit for a Princess? Find out here.

We launched a very risque monthly competition which bought in hoards of disbelieving readers. Word soon spread around the internet that we had indeed, touched upon a taboo subject in front of strangers, and were offering a prize donated by the lovely Rachael Hertog.

Find out just what we have up for grabs in this month’s competition. Over 100 entries to the competition proves, however, that there is a lot of interest in this topic and there was lots of discussion going on over in this article.

On Wednesday, Almost Mrs Average doned her hot pants and sparkly hair band to drank coffee with very important people at the WRAP conference. She bought back lots of juicy gossip about the future of plastic recycling in the UK.

Meanwhile our bin stepped up to the scales for her first public weekly weigh in (which we couldn’t actually manage because her shapely thighs would not fit on the kitchen scales). Mr Green and I spent the day discussing who would walk down the garden to empty the compost and who would wash up the tins. See how we sorted it out in a very grown up fashion here.

On Friday, we finally managed to wrestle a naked chicken to the ground , box it up and bring it home, sans plastic packaging for Cattus Green on Friday.

I thought she was supposed to be the hunter not us, but after 15 years of heroic mousing, ratting and mole catching, she has finally hung up her hunting hat and is lounging around on the dirty washing pile expecting to be waited on.

Our nude chicken was courtesy of our caring, sharing local butcher. He also threw in a free sausage for Little Miss Green as she helped him work out how much change I should have had. What a guy!

This followed our completely failed trip on Thursday which resulted in everyone going hungry at teatime and an upset pot of yogurt over the back seat of the car. We soon calmed the upset pot of yogurt down with promises of a play at the park. We estimate the chicken had in fact cost us around the £12 mark. There’s nothing like a hard lesson to make you remember to plan in advance.

The Monthly dustbin demon was revealed to shouts of Boo and Hiss this week. Can you guess what it is? Think of something you ‘pop’ into the dustbin without even thinking of it If you can’t bear the suspense, put yourself out of your misery by discovering for yourself who this month’s dustbin demon is.

In addition, we’ve written a few articles to answer some of those pesky recycling questions. Find out why we should recycle aluminum cans, learn all about tetrapak recycling, find creative solutions to reducing your food waste, reduce the amount of plastic carrier bags you use, and find ways to avoid plastic fruit and vegetable packaging

Phew! That’s all folks; we’re bushwhacked. The photographer for the local press article this week said, ‘Is this a hoax story; I thought you’d got rid of your black bags?’. When I replied that we had indeed stopped putting out so much rubbish for binmen he sheepishly confessed ‘No I was talking about under your eyes.’

Tune in next week to follow our progress and read product reviews. There will be more articles added to the site, so please send us your questions about recycling and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Check back to the site regularly for news about some generous discounts on products that will help you on your recycling journey and please keep leaving your comments – we love hearing from you and answer every comment that we can!

Vote in our polls and if there’s nowhere for you to air your views, hop over to the have your say page.

Last of all, I want to say, once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the site this week. It’s been overwhelming at times and we’ve had some lovely messages wishing us well. Come and share your experiences, have your say and join in with your own recycling challenge. YOU have all inspired us to keep going and have helped us to be able to laugh at ourselves.

Spread the word and bring your friends too; it’s a party over here, hosted by the environment and everyone’s invited.

Together, we can create great change………

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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