Four bins for rubbish, recycling and compost

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Four bins for worcestershire residents
By Alicia Kelly, Worcester News Monday 9th June 2008

A good move for Droitwich; I hope this works out for them 🙂

THIS is the array of bins that will be coming to homes in Droitwich soon.

The bins include a grey one for household rubbish, a green one for recycling, a silver bin for food waste to be kept outside and a small food waste caddy for kitchens. People can also pay extra for a brown garden waste bin.

Phil Merrick, Wychavon District Council’s head of community services, unveiled the bins after councillors agreed to a two-phase roll-out of the new system starting in September.

Under the system, Wychavon people will put out household rubbish one week and recycling the next. Read more

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  1. Sue says:

    Thats a great move forward, hopefully more councils will follow their lead.
    I wish we had smaller rubbish bins and larger recycling bins! At the moment we use 4 recycling boxes, they are full by the end of the week.
    Our rubbsih would fit nicely in a recyling box, and the recycling in the big black bins.

  2. Mrs Green says:

    I agree about the size thing Sue. From what I can make out in the photo, the regular rubbish bin (ie non recyclable) is larger than the others. But, as you say it’s a great move forward and let’s hope it is successful and encourages other councils to bring the idea on board.

    Mrs G x

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