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Gossypium take full responsibility for the way their products are made, the impact they have AND, most importantly, the way their products are used and disposed of.

As well as good working conditions for workers, and using GM free, organic cotton, Gossypium We believe they have a responsibility to the planet and to everyone on it. In response to this they produce textiles and clothes made from biodegradable materials, in a way that continuously seeks to move towards zero environmental impact.
The production of man-made fibres from oil is not sustainable therefore Gossypium uses natural fibres which are ultimately biodegradable. The addition of elastic yarns and trims is limited to less than 5%.

One of the most important things when making a purchase we feel is to buy something of quality that will last.

Fashion can be one of the most ‘disposable’ and wasteful industries with seasonal trends and cheap materials that are designed to be worn for a few weeks before ending up in the landfill. Did you know, for example, that 15% of the material in cut and sew garments are tossed out?

Gossypium are committed to producing high quality, long lasting clothes, which ensures that theGosstpium denim stripe duvet environmental and social cost of production is reflected in how much the clothes are valued.

They do not change their styles each season, but continue year on year, which increases the quality of their products and allows workers to increase their level of competence for particular production.

Gossypium operate a ‘Right First Time’ policy with their factories, which ensures that fabric and garment wastages do not occur due to rushed orders, or mistakes in the production chain. In addition, Gossypium operate a strict Anti-dumping Policy/Zero Waste

Gossypium are offering one lucky winner an organic denim duvet cover in our Pledge and WIN competition! This is a beautiful quality item with 200 thread count which makes it very strong and long lasting. Organic cotton is much softer than pesticide laden cotton too, so you will be assured of a comfortable and ethical night’s sleep.

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