Six ways to reuse laundry detergent dosing balls

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plastic laundry dosing balls reuse recyclingOver on our Facebook page, Nicola asked “Does anyone have any ideas how I can reuse laundry detergent washing balls?”

As you’ll see from the photo above, she’s got quite a collection of dosing balls now and rather than seeing them end up in landfill, she asked our community of zero heroes what to do with them.

So without further ado, here are the suggestions:

six ways to reuse laundry detergent dosing balls!

Drawer organisers

Emma suggested “You could use them to organise your stationary in your draw – things like drawing pins, paper clips, blue tack etc..”

Fun for Barbie

The Laugh-out-loud suggestion came from ‘LondonWorms’ – she said “Dumbells for Barbie and Ken???? No, it’s fine. I can see the door. I’m leaving now :-)”



Karen suggested “Reuse those little battery powered fake tea lights from Halloween and make mini lanterns. You could hang them up with string!”

reuse liquid laundry dosing ball lantern

Play pots

Sadie said “My three year old would love to just play with them. She likes to count stones or pennies out into pots.”


Ray said “Put a little hole in the bottom then they’d make good seed pots.” Sadie added “These would be idea to grow mustard and cress in.”

Snack holders

Emma said “If the opening is wide enough you could fill them with sweets or grapes and give to your children when travelling in the car.”

Over to you; how would you reuse these small plastic containers?

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  1. Karen Hughes says:

    I no longer buy laundry liquid with dosing balls. I take my bottle back to the shop to be refilled. It is cheaper that way as I am not paying for the bottle. I also have a loyalty card giving me more discount.

  2. Karin says:

    Aren’t they fancy! I acquired 3 clear dosing balls nearly 10 years ago and I’m still using them. My laundry liquid doesn’t come with this sort of thing, so I don’t have to worry about reusing them.

    I’m wondering if they would make good paint pots for children’s paints.

  3. though we do not have these dosing balls locally in rural American Midwest, i can see how they are versatile toys for young or not so young..paint pots, karin, favor holders for tiny gifts, like painted acorns or food holders for cheese cubes, carrots or celery, holiday lanterns along pathways. as karen indicated with battery powered candles (of course)

  4. shanaz says:

    Hello there is it possible if i could use furniture packaging from a new bed for weed blocking….???
    Would it work…???

    • Mrs Green says:

      Hi Shanaz, what sort of packaging is it? I guess it depends on what you want to use the soil for in the long term. If you’re going to take the weed suppressant back up and use the ground to grow veg then you’ll need to check what sort of material the packaging is and whether or not it’s been chemically treated. If you’re planning on leaving the weed suppressant in situ then you can be less fussy…

  5. Patrick says:

    They could potentially make good caster cups to stop furniture from slipping.

  6. heather says:

    I’m looking for some dosing balls please if anyone has any spares?

  7. Tracy Hunns says:

    My minuture schuazer plays with the persil dosing balls for ages

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