National zero waste week 2012!

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Can you believe the fifth annual zero waste week is only a month away?

Where does the time go?

When I’m not hanging around teaching A-listers how to shop naked, I’m decluttering my house and juggling another ten projects in the air. No wonder it’s August already.

This year’s zero waste week will be encouraging you to go right back to basics and overhaul your recycling habits.

I don’t know about you, but I find old naughty habits can creep in over time, especially when work load steps up and glorious children are off school for the holidays.

For example I’m buying bread instead of making it, I’ve been rummaging around the bargain section of the supermarket and buying all sorts of goodies in not-so-good packaging and I’ve been allowing food to go to waste…

So the theme for this year is One more thing and it takes place 3rd – 9th Sept 2012.

And before you think your ‘one more thing‘ can’t really make a difference; if every household in the UK recycled ‘one more thing’, the total amount collected for recycling could increase by more than three quarters of a million tonnes.

Not too shabby eh?

So what are you going to do?

Could you recycle just one more thing in your daily routine?

You can choose anything you like such as:

• Find out what can be recycled at your kerbside and make full use of facilities

• Check your local bring banks to see what you can recycle locally

• Start a compost heap

• Perhaps you’ve noticed battery recycling in your local shop; start using it!

• Take home your recyclables instead of using litter bins when out and about

I know you can’t wait to join in the fun and this year we have a veritable feast of wonderful people supporting our cause. We’ve teamed up with the Zero Waste Alliance to spread the message far and wide. The lovely Mrs Average is on board to toot the recycling horn and she’s bagged a fortnightly column in her local newspaper – the Bury Free Press. And some funky editors from stunning publications such as The Green Parent, Juno magazine, Permaculture and Natural Health are spreading the message to their readers.

It’s simple to join in, via one of three ways:

WEB – Leave a comment on the My Zero Waste website pledge page

FACEBOOK – Join our zero waste facebook page and check out the events page where over 100 people are already signed up and sharing their advice!

TWITTER – Use the twitter hashtags #onemorething and #nzww and follow My Zero Waste.

If you run your own website, feel free to grab the code to proudly display your own banner in support of the week.

Last year 345 people signed up – let’s see if we can double that this year; I’m counting on ya 😉

Tell me what you’re going to do to celebrate this year!

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