Workshop: Starting Up a Community Reuse and Resource Centre

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architectural salvage at the Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre

architectural salvage at the Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre

Today I had an email from Katy at Cwm Harry who read my story “All I want for Christmas is a community reuse centre“.

Katy and her team are about to make that a reality over at the Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre in Aldershot, Hampshire with their one day interactive workshop.

The workshop takes place 10 – 4pm, 13th July, 2011  and is aimed at community activists and entrepreneurs who want to create a Community Reuse and Resource Centre!

You’ll begin the day(which costs just £5 and includes lunch, tea and coffee) with a tour of Centre with founder Trudy Thompson to get a feel for how a reuse centre can work.

This will be followed by a workshop about reuse, repair, remanufacture and retraining with Kelvin Hughes who set up the Newbury Community Resource Centre. Any pitfalls and challenges will be covered.

In the afternoon there will be question and answer sessions on issues such as making reuse pay its way, choosing the right business structure, getting the logistics right and partnering with local authorities.

There will also be sessions with advisors on hand to answer individual questions and give you tailored advice.

If this sounds helpful to you, book your place for the Community Reuse Start Up Event.

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