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zero waste Christmas crackers

zero waste Christmas crackers

Morning all – I hope you’re keeping warm. We’ve had some beautiful mornings with the ground covered in frost.

Fortunately, we had a tonne of seasoned wood delivered the day before temperatures dropped and little flurries of snow had Little miss Green jumping up and down with joy!

This week we began the excitement with a little background. After 18 months I decided it was time to tell you my ‘green story’ and I entered it into the APLS blogging carnival. I’d love to hear what the catalyst was for your own ‘green journey’ or maybe you were born green! Come and share all in the comments.

On Tuesday, Marsha from our local council shared that leaving your recycling by the Bring Banks if they were full was actually fly tipping! She also told me the sad news that such items would be landfilled and not recycled. Have a read of her tips to see how we can all make the most of our recycling centres with her “Eat, drink and recycle” post.

On Wednesday, I popped to Sainsburys and found plastic free pasta. It wasn’t exactly perfect, but it was a step in the right direction. Have you found pasta without plastic packaging? Come and share your shopping finds in the comments!

Later that day I heard that Avaaz were trying to get 15 million signatures to deliver to Copenhagen. Many of you read, signed up and passed details on to your friends and families. When I wrote the post 11 million people had signed; now nearly 14 million have signed, so thanks to everyone who took a moment to care.

Thursday’s guest post came from Louise who has set up “No cards thanks”. It’s a way to say I love you without chopping down trees for cards or creating landfill and charities can benefit too. Find out how No Cards Thanks works.

We had a little bit of food waste this week – have a peek at what it was and tell me what food you wasted this week. Check out our landfill waste too – it’s still under 100 gms!

Finally, our most popular search this week has been for eco Christmas crackers. There’s still time to do a bit of last minute shopping or make your own, so why not have a look at our “zero waste Christmas crackers” article from last year in which I shared my ideas for making your own, less wasteful and more meaningful crackers?

If you want some great instructions, take a look at this short video from


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