Food waste Friday and weekly weigh in year one week 22

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The horrible cereal bar

The horrible cereal bar

A few days ago Mummy bought me a cereal bar which I chose. I didn’t know what it tasted like; how was I to know? So on our way back home, as I was feeling very hungry I opened the packet and tried it. I did NOT like it. In two days time I found the only snack I was allowed to have was this blooming cereal bar which Mummy would not let me not eat.

As I was SO hungry and the only thing I could have was that dreaded cereal bar I tried it again. I hated it. Mummy still wanted me to eat it; she reminded me about food waste, but I said I would write a blog post about it and give her the money for it and it would have to go in our waste.

So I did.

I’ve paid Mummy already and there were only two medium mouthfuls left, so it was no big deal – there were only two mouthfuls of food waste this week and I tried really hard to eat it.

Mummy also asked me to do the landfill waste. This week we have:

broken pencil case from my bedroom
cereal bar wrapper from bar I didn’t like
broken fishing net from my bedroom
rice cakes bag
cellophane from gifts on front of magazine and from things in a party bag I had
rice packet
cheese wrapping
bread sticks cellphane
plastic from meat at the weekend
plsatic packaging from clip Daddy bought for a lighting project
Empty sellotape reel
old credit card
biro that doesn’t work

It weighs 116 gms, which is nearly under our target!

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  1. sandy says:

    Help I have been away for a few days, on my return I have found the article about tea, but I cany access it, What can I do ?
    Mrs Green I dont have a photo of the old dress, but I will upload a phot of the bag.

  2. sandy says:

    Lovely article, I too shop locally, ok maybe you can’t have bananas, but there is lots more fruit. I don’t like supermarkets, they try to sell you thing you dont want, at a cost to the supplier.

  3. LMG, I love your blog post! Good job.

  4. John Costigane says:

    Hi LMG,

    Good to see your helping with the weekly waste weigh-in. The figure is slightly above target but merely a blip after a few weeks in the 30g’s. Your picture of food waste is a bit sad but I fully understand the child’s appetite. As 1 of 4 brothers, I remember all the varied requests at mealtimes. Luckily, we are all now well up in years but some early habits have persisted.

    Nowadays, I finish every meal which helps with the food waste issue but still respect other’s preferences.

  5. Poppy says:

    Hi there LMG, it’s tough going when you really don’t like something isn’t it? Lesson learned though …. you won’t go for that particular bar again!!!

    Glad to see you on here as something I’ve just witnessed on TV is mega food waste. I don’t know what programme it was as DH is a serial flicker, but it was I believe. a BBC children’s programme and the characters on screen were grabbing bananas and breaking them in two, before chucking them on to a pile. I say breaking in two, but as I’m sure you know, bananas don’t break that easily. So a big pile of mushed up manky bananas, which no doubt went to landfill after filming 🙁

    This isn’t the only show I’ve seen things like this. It seems that any mushy food can be used to supposedly create slimey humour. It makes me angry to see it and it totally flies in the face of so many initiatives that are aimed at encouraging people to shop carefully and waste less.

    I think I’m going to have to search out some addresses to make my views known.

  6. Poppy says:

    I’ve just sent an message to the Beeb, but it limits the amount of characters you can use. Here is the condensed version of what I really wanted to say –

    My husband is a flicker, so I can’t tell you which programme it was, but given the amount of government and council initiatives asking us not to waste food, I was horrified to witness on a children’s programme, hundreds of bananas in their skins being squashed and thrown into a manky pile. Please get on board the Love Food Hate Waste campaign

  7. Layla says:

    Little Miss Green – great to see your blog post! you write well!!

    Too bad about the bar. I’m sure too that from now on you’ll avoid that cereal bar (maybe write down its name somewhere so you remember you didn’t like it?) and maybe you and Mommy could even make your own cereal bars? 😉
    Try tiny amounts at first, so you know which you like and which you don’t? (And those you don’t might go to guests or other people?)
    Also, it’s good to maybe break away or have someone cut off a tiny bit with a knife, so other people can eat the rest easily – or you could offer it to birds or ducks maybe?
    Otherwise, I hope the compost got it!

    I’m really thinking about pencil cases made of natural fabrics that can be composted or pretty wooden boxes as pencil cases, what do you think about those?

    YAY for being almost below the target, hope next week will be even better!

  8. Layla says:

    Poppy, it’s great you wrote to them!

    I’ve seen non-eco behavior on TV shows here in Slovenia too, and some of the net shows I like – I’m wondering whether to go write them something now too?!! hm?!

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