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cough syrup

You might remember, back in November,  Little Miss Green had a cough and I ordered some cough syrup for her. I usually make my own during the summer when all the herbs are in fine fettle, but this year I didn’t get around to it, so I had to part with some cash to buy it. Grrrrr.

Getting things in glass bottles in the post isn’t always a zero waste experience. Often people use bubble wrap or polystyrene to prevent breakages. In addition, we rely on plastic to protect against spills and leaks.

Fortunately, we were sent our bottle in a small corrugated cardboard sleeve, shown above.

It just goes to show that with a little insight and thought, you can send glass perfectly safely in the post without the need for any plastic or polystyrene. Wouldn’t it be great if all companies adopted these policies?

I know that Neals Yard are good – they send in cardboard boxes packed with edible / compostable packaging. The Natural Store send in cardboard boxes with tissue paper wrapped around items. AND you can get 10% off any purchase at any time by quoting GREATZEROWASTEOFFER

What about you – have you had any pleasant (or otherwise) surprises in the post? How about sharing the love of any companies who are particularly good with packaging in the comments below!

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