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Can\'t be bothered to save the worldOh dear, apathy is really kicking in at the moment. Yesterday we were good on the food waste issue, but I just seem to have really ‘lost it’ with momentum for getting preparation and things done.

I still have a tree full of apples to prepare before they get blown off and end up bruised and squashed. I have things to take stock of in the fridge, a freezer inventory to do, weekly weigh ins to catch up on and I have a severe case of what is technically known as CBA.
It’s a very serious condition that I frequently suffer from; otherwise known as Can’t Be Arsed.

I’m really craving convenience at the moment. I need to rustle up a tidying fairy to clean the back of the fridge, a cooking fairy to do something with that enormous bag of kale I bought last week and an orchard fairy to take care of the apples. I need a ‘I-have-a-magic-wand’ fairy to tidy up the kitchen annexe and reveal to me everything that needs using up and a STOP fairy so that I don’t buy more stuff until I have used this lot up.

I just put in aΒ  Sainsbury’s order because I have a bit of a thing about chickpeas at the moment. And you know what that means – it means a whole pile of other stuff too. Ok, chickpeas won’t go off, but there are other things I know I *should* be using up. But a tin of chickpeas is so easy to eat; you just bung them in a bowl of rice and lunch is served.

I think I’m tired of trying to save my part of the world. Sometimes it all feels too overwhelming. And you know what? I am tired of having to say ‘no plastic bag thank you’ because it’s not yet the NORM. You know what I mean?
And today we ran out of eggs so I asked LMG to go into the shop, but I knew I needed to prime her to ask for Free Range, because NORMAL, in our society is caged hens. And guess what? She was given a carrier bag <sigh> but, she refused it – yay for that girl πŸ™‚

Ho hum. I’ll put it down to the change of clocks, the phase of the moon or some other such delight that means I can absolve responsibility for myself and my actions for a bit longer. Mr Green asked me today when I was going to start using my Lightbox. Perhaps he knows something I don’t.

What do you do when the Can’t Be Arsed monster strikes? I’ve had this for about 3 days now………

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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Get your light box out. With the clocks changing it’s suddenly darker in the evenings and the quality of light is changing too. I’m with Mr G – get the light box out, give it a couple of days and see how you feel then.

    On the other hand you have been going at this at such a breakneck pace that some of us reading here are stunned at how much you’ve achieved – maybe you just need a few days off? Or slow down a bit?

  2. Sally says:

    Sarahs advise sounds fab. When i hit CBA phases, i go with it rather than being resentful of everything I feel I should be doing. How about not buying any more food and just make do with what you have, my family really enjoy the odd day of eggs and toast.

  3. Grandma Green says:

    Don’t despair over the plastic bags!

    Yesterday(at 11.45 am)I shopped in a well-known clothing store that caters for people of ‘a certain age’. As I payed and produced my trusty ‘onya’ bag for the purchases, the assistant remarked, “Everybody has brought their own bag this morning. So many of us are doing our best for the planet”. It will take time but I’m confident this awareness, originally inbred in those of us who have blown out more than fifty candles, will filter down to the next generation – and the little ones are already learning fast.

  4. Oh Mrs G – a CBA moment is just a way of showing that you need a rest. And the advice to go with the flow is just perfect. It also sounds like you need some fresh air and a walk in the great outdoors, no matter what the weather. When I get one of my CBA moments I also try doing something new. Take last night, I couldn’t be arsed to rescue the broccoli (it really had gone over the threshold of death’s door) so I made some toffee instead. Extreme, but it woke up my spirits.

    BTW – I’m sending a huge big wave to Grandma Green. That’s great news about the bags. You know Grandma Green along with all the younger Greens talks a lot of sense.

    Big hugs to you all from Suffolk ;-D x

  5. Julie says:

    I agree with the advice to go with the flow. It’s harder to make something a habit, if you have to claw and scratch your way to it. Gentle transition is more easily adopted. That said, I can totally relate to wanting to change RIGHT NOW! But, in my experience, “right now” nearly always backfires and leaves me feeling defeated. Being kind to the planet includes being kind to yourself! Love you!

  6. Di Hickman says:

    I think CBA is partly what I had last week, nothing to do but kick yourself out of it.

    Oh and I had a type on the blog, it was Broccoli Bake, Which is broccoli in a white/cheesy sauce, and layered potatoes on top. DH loves it, and I just weaned him off the dairy version and now make it 100% vegan!

  7. BohoBelle says:

    When I have too many things to do, I use the timer method. Write your list of things, and set your kitchen timer to only 5mins and then get started on the first task. Buzzer goes, move to the second task etc. When you make it back to the top of the list, then set the timer for 10mins and do it all over again. Attacking the apple tree, doing your freezer inventory etc might be more easily managed in little steps. When you know you only have to do something for 5mins, its much easier to get motivated and to start. And I believe CBA (LOVE this new term) is cured by motivation – perceived or real!

  8. jen cleanbin says:

    I hear you on the lack of momentum for preparation sentiment.

    When we have been too lazy to prep on the weekend and walk all the way down to the bulk store or the butcher, we end up eating nothing but pasta. Every day. I’m in a gastronomic (and nutritional) rut because I refuse to buy packaged items at the local store and am too lazy to go get unpackaged items at the not-so-local store.

    I originally had visions of baking my own bread and making granola from scratch, but the reality is that I only manage to make one item each week which doesn’t make for much of a balanced diet. We’re feast or famine over here. The two of use just ate an entire batch of cookies in 24 hours. And now we’ll have none until next weekend when I have time to make more.

  9. Kris says:

    I get assaulted by CBA on a frequent basis and I agree with what so many of the others have said, you’ve got to be kind to yourself and not add to the woes.

    The freezer jumps out as something that can probably be put off for a day or two, being a long-termish sort of thing generally. I sorted mine yesterday and did grit my teeth and let a couple of bits go as they weren’t labelled well enough for me to be confident how long they had been in there (suspicion – much too long) but on the whole I was pleased to find it’s not as disordered as I feared, if a bit low on practical meal stuff (unless lots of raspberries count).

    I’ve had a list of ‘things I must do’ hanging over me for a while and I just don’t seem to be getting on with the projects on it, even though I’ve told myself that actually they’ll be quite satisfying to do… But getting round to investigating the freezer led to a wayward urge to really clean all the screens in the house, then to scrub the fronts of the appliances to a proper shine, and vacuuming and I’m more in control of the washing than I have been in ages. Most things I did were 5 – 15 minute tasks which I think helped, but I have glimpsed that feeling of satisfaction and try and keep it going a bit longer! Who know, I might even get onto the jobs on the list…

    Also, to add to Grandma Green’s comment – this morning in Tesco I heard the checkout lady saying to the people behind me that if they didn’t have a bag with them, why not put the goods in the trolley to take to the car, and they duly did. I thought it was great because it was entirely off her own bat and didn’t even touch on the idea of their taking any new ones.

  10. Mrs Green says:

    Thanks ladies;
    I’ve had a blast on the lightbox, so expect to feel more chipper by the middle of next week. And yes, Sarah. When I take stock of things I’ve been rather pushing myself. That’s me though; something I always have to deal with…….

    Sally; it was indeed beans on toast for Mr G last night; and he loved it πŸ˜€ Accepting rather than pushing against it is the key.

    Great news on the reusable bags, Grandma Green – that’s really heartening news and good to see things slowly changing.

    Toffee, Mrs A LOL!. I prefer to sit infront of the fire and do nothing, but yes, getting outside is great and we’ve been doing that too – collecting wood mainly, which is good for the soul πŸ˜€

    Thanks Julie – a woman of few words, who always has the right ones at the right time. Love you too πŸ™‚

    Ahhh, broccoli bake – great, thanks Di and I hope your CBA has passed πŸ™‚

    Bohobelle; I like that method. very flylady. I will do exactly that today. 5 minutes with my head in a stinky fridge sounds manageable. Thank you for that – it was really helpful to be reminded of the simple steps.

    Oh Jen; I hope you manage to figure this one out. I’m a little like that too. I’ll spend an entire day baking and filling up containers and freezer boxes and then we live on jacket potatoes and baked beans on toast. Oh well; such is the beauty of life I guess. A happy medium would be better, but life just isn’t like that for me πŸ˜€

    Thank you Kris. Well done on sorting your freezer; you’re right’ it can wait. For months if I need it too. It’s about prioritising when energy and motivation is low. Raspberries certainly do count as great fodder in my opinion! You’re so right about starting somewhere leading onto more motivation; it’s in a similar vein to bohobelle’s ideas. I’ve found it to be true in the past. Love that lady in Tescos; what a star!

  11. Mrs Jackson says:

    Hi Mrs Green

    You are doing such an amazing thing that if you ever get a case of CBA just remember it’s not the end of the World and that you don’t much more than probably the whole of my street!!! So focus on being positive about who you are and your accomplishments. That said, I do understand about it being hard when things aren’t the norm. I feel like that “crazy lady”. The other day at playgroup people went to put teabags in the bin and I stopped them and got them to put them in the caddy – we then joked about it when the next person went to do the same, but at least they didn’t end up in the bin. Hopefully it is becoming the norm – just slowly.

  12. Mrs Green says:

    Hey Mrs J; yep, these monster moments strike us all at one time or another, but we know they are only temporary. Great to see you are sowing seeds at your local playgroup. I feel sure you are making a big difference to the people you meet πŸ™‚

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