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sunday roundup 16Good morning everyone! Welcome to our first Sunday Roundup of the autumn. And what a fabulous autumn week it has been. The sun has been shining, there have been beautiful sunsets and cool breezes have gently convinced some of the leaves to drop from the trees.

Next week we will be announcing the winners of our zero waste challenge pledge and win week. So keep coming back to the site to see if you are a winner. It was a tough decision to make, with so many wonderful entries to the competition. There will also be a new Dustbin Demon, a monthly challenge for October, plus a great new competition and discount offer with one of my favourite ethical companies.

At the beginning of the week we announced the “Recycled by Design” exhibition in Guildford which boasts an exhibition of recycled art and design. Find out more about the exhibits and where you can go to join in.

I finally dusted off my marrow, found some jam jars and set to work making chutney. Find out how I got on.

On Wednesday, we resumed our trust weekly weigh in figures. After a week of total zero waste, find out how we are now doing on a weekly basis.

The WRAP evaluation report on food waste collection trials was out. I read through and highlighted the important points. Were the trials a success or not?

Towards the end of the week a disturbing news story hit the deadlines. The Audit Commission recommended the urgent building of incinerators to deal with the UK’s waste problem. Find out what we thought about the report.

On a happier note, we learned that our local school is offering GCSE environmental and land-based scienc. As part of the course, students get to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Finally, with just two days to go before the end of the month, I wrote the monthly challenge for September. As there are only two days left, I made it an easy one. Find out what we’ve asked you to pledge from now on.

Next week will be a busy one with the beginning of a new month, so please come and join in the latest discussions and let us know what you think of the site!

Have a great Sunday,
Mrs G xxx


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I am a long time supporter of the Green and Sustainable lifestyle. After being caught in the Boscastle floods in 2004, our family begun a journey to respect and promote the importance of Earth's fragile ecosystem, that focussed on reducing waste. Inspired by the beauty and resourcefulness of this wonderful planet, I have published numerous magazine articles on green issues and the author of four books.

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  1. Hi Mrs Green,

    Things do seem to be getting busier with time, probably because the Zero Waste trend is expanding. Deciding on the prize winners is a difficult task, though there have been some exceptional achievements by the newcomers. Next year is liable to be even bigger, the sky’s the limit.

  2. John’s right. As we venture into October, you can’t help but notice that the level of interest in waste minimisation is most definitely growing. It is actually very exciting to witness the change. I love the image you’ve used by the way, it’s beautiful ;-D x

  3. Mrs Green says:

    Hello lovelies; thank you for your comments. I guess people get more reflective this time of year and the interest in zero waste is growing as new headlines about waste grow.

    The pic is lovely isn’t it, Mrs A – it just captures autumn for me; so you’ll be pleased to hear you’ll be seeing it for the next three months until the winter solstice.

  4. Poppy says:

    I hang my head in shame today.

    I tackled juniors bedroom and although I recycled everything I possibly could, there were still a lot of items and parts of items, that were only fit for the bin 🙁

    I too love your picture Mrs G and I love Autumn. Nothing better than that first morning breath of air that stings your nose and chills your lungs when it blasts away the nightime cobwebs.

  5. Mrs Green says:

    Oh Poppy, you and me both; you’ll be reading a post later in the week that will show you are in good company.
    As you’ll remember, the grand decluttering of LMG’s bedroom resulted in a similar outcome.
    At least you recycled what you could – perhaps a few years ago it would have all ended up in the bin?
    Enjoy those autumn mornings; some of them have been lovely.

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