Why ‘green’ men are more sexy

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Green men are more sexyIf you’re a slob in your pad, you maybe missing out in your bed.

In a survey in Nuts Magazine, women were asked what they found most attractive in men. Surprisingly, they put caring about the environment top of their list, above a good sense of humour. Mmmm.

It’s true that men who show more care and concern for their environment and home are more likely to be better partners. If the woman in your life sees you caring for the things that matter, they will be more likely to believe that you will care for that special person in your life as well. Good sex and plenty of it may take place in the bedroom but a good partner does not start or end there for a woman.

Fellas, this is not just about your ‘jolly green giant’, although it may help …

OK, what’s all this about?

Women are just wired different. It’s not better, it’s not worse, but it’s sure difficult to trace the current and get a good connection sometimes. And if you think that’s just a woman thing, you should hear what they say about us when we slam the door in a huff. You may be great in bed and your jolly green giant may be all she needs at that moment, but if something just won’t gel and make it happen for you two, chances are you’re not reaching her deeper needs in life.

Going steady…?
“Yeah, … well, no, she just can’t commit at the moment, we’ll work it out.” That’s a warning bell that could spell ‘last orders’ at the Old Bull and Bush.

You see, when the ocean has crashed on the seashore and swooned her into your arms for the umpteenth time, you may think it’s ‘in the bag’ for going steady, but she is just adding up the score sheet and seeing something short of the perfect man. Oddly enough, something is wrong and she just can’t put her finger on it.

Going green is sexy and exciting for a woman.
If you’re yawning and skipping forwards by now, you’re just about to lose the key to going all the way and getting a firm ‘yes‘ from your girl. Taking care of nature and the environment is a great way to show you care, that you are a man with some depth and passion that extends further than your own interests. Supporting green issues is totally non-threatening and safe. Not like going to your ex-girl friend’s party, if you see what I mean. You can confidently say ‘how much you love the sunsets and hope that we can care for the environment long enough for your future kids to enjoy them‘, without sounding alarm bells for her.

When you collect those beverage cans and sling them in the green recycling bin rather than leave them to make ring marks on the table, she’s gonna notice and smile secretly and think ‘he’s a man that can care‘. When you make a tasty meal from fresh food and serve it with a delicious organic wine, she’s gonna notice and realise she was worth more than when you open a tin for the cat’s dinner.

If you go shopping together and refuse a carrier bag at the checkout because you have a reusable bag instead, she going to be- maybe surprised, but just play silent with a knowing smile. Later you can explain how it ‘cut you up‘ to see marine life literally suffocating to death from eating plastic bags blown into the oceans from landfill sites. You see, that kind of comment can really tug on her emotional glands and you should know that’s important to a girl.

Not impressed? read on … men who eat a diet of fresh fruit, green salad and mainly raw foods are fitter, in better shape and have harder and longer erections! If you’re laughing in disbelief at this point, you need to really think, can you take the chance of dismissing that fact without trying it. Put simply, cutting out the lard and cutting in the green, provides your body with more energy and less toxins to slow you down. You lose weight, get fit and get more energy to pump up those parts that- erm … a good curry and a few beers used to make soft and flabby. I’ve already proved it’s true, but don’t take my word for it. Go on a green diet for 3 months and be prepared for a major extension in bedroom activities.

Remember the lady in your life wants more than a good lover though.
She wants a man who can think with his brain and not just his head. Who can feel with his heart and not just his hands. She needs a protector, a hero when the going gets tough and a man who cares for people and things that matter. A strong man believes in something, a strong man has passion and principles that set him apart from the rest. Green issues are very fashionable and politically correct enough not to land you into an awkward hole. They provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate you are the man that cares enough to take a lead when others follow the crowd.

So what’s it going to cost you?
Not that much except a change to some of those old habits that you know really suck anyway. And what will you gain? Apart from that fabulous woman of your dreams, you may just get to see your kids and their kids enjoy a beautiful world that you were part of preserving,
…because you went green.

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  1. Oh Mr Green, you’ve make me blush. An excellent piece and a lovely early morning treat. Your imagery helped take me back to the posters that used to sold by Athena back in the 1980s (which sums up the 80s completely). Do you remember the one, the topless model holding the baby. It must have been one of the bestsellers at the time because women found the caring side of man holding the baby in such a nurturing way so damn sexy. I remember it was the turning point for what was then called “New man”. Perhaps the environment is the “New baby”. I hope so and if you spread this message, it hopefully will. I hope you’re emailing this to the lads mags. ;-D

  2. I knew it. Time for me to tell the ladies!

  3. Brad says:

    OMG! Too funny. Now I can officially woo my woman, safe in the knowledge that I am ‘sexy’.

    Thanks for a great read.
    Brad (not Pitt, sadly)

  4. polythenepam says:

    Is that an old picture of you?

  5. Mr. Green says:

    Ha, um,,, no. Thanks for considering it a possibility tho…

  6. Mrs Green says:

    😀 MR Green! You lost your chance of fame and fortune everywhere by being so honest!

    I have to say, in all honesty that you are a hundred times better looking than our friend on the photo there That’s not bad after ten years together, is it?!

    Polythene Pam – it’s a picture of his twin brother; shall I send you his ‘phone number? 😉

  7. Emma says:

    Hi Mrs Green,

    I’ve given you a (zero waste) Brilliant Blogger Award!


  8. polythenepam says:

    Actually he’se a bit too beef cake for me … and hairless. And sort of gleaming. Think I will stick to Village Boy – he has hair but all in the wrong places. But I am getting distracted – plastic is bad – plastic is bad. Have a good weekend

  9. Mrs Green says:

    Oh Emma! Thank you – that’s really kind of you. 😀 I shall dutifully share the award towards the end of next week. Thank you! You’ve made my day!

    polythenepam; what a good job we all have different taste eh? 😉 Enjoy your village boy

  10. polythenepam says:

    Did I read somewhere in this blog that you can give rags away to be recycled? I have loads of off cuts from dress making. I suppose if I was uber green I would use them for patchwork but i’m not.

    I do hope it isnt really Mr Gs twin brother.

    Good luck for next week

  11. Mrs Green says:

    Hi polythenepam;
    kind of. If you put textiles into the textile banks then the quality of items are graded. Decent quality goods are sent to charities either here or in developing countries. Worn textiles are made into cloths, and other textiles are rewoven into blankets or used for filling products such as mattresses.
    I was kidding, Mr Green is an only child; I hope you haven’t been losing sleep over it or getting all hot under the collar 😀

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